Murphy's Gambit

Thiadora Murphy Is A Floater Born And Raised To Withstand A Zero Gravity Environment, The Floaters Are Considered The Dregs Of The Universe An Outcast Society Of Space Workers Who Have Been Ostracized And Nearly Enslaved.Murphy Thought She Could Rise Above Her Floater Heritage But Then She Was Expelled From Her Military Academy And Forced To Work As A Test Pilot For A Powerful Corporation It S A Job With Many Risks And Questionable Rewards Because Her Mission Requires Her To Steal Something From A Rival Company A Faster Than Light Technology That Could Liberate Floaters Once And For All.Murphy's Gambit

Eric S NylundSyne Mitchell born 1970 is a novelist in the science fiction genre 1 She has a bachelor s degree in business administration and master s degree in physics She lives in Seattle, Washington and is married to author Eric S Nylund Her first science fiction novel was Murphy s Gambit which won the Compton Crook Award in 2001 She subsequently published the first installment of the Deathless series, called The Last Mortal Man She is currently working on podcasting and writing non fiction essays.According to her blog, Mitchell s The Last Mortal Man series has not been chosen for further publication As a result, she has chosen to pursue other series To further this goal, she has joined a local writer s group.Mitchell publishes an online magazine for handweavers, WeaveZine, and produces a monthly podcast, WeaveCast.The Deathless series was canceled by ROC publishing due to sluggish sales Syne Mitchell wrote a preview of Book 2, which was added to the back of Book 1.

[Ebook] Murphy's Gambit By Syne Mitchell –
  • Paperback
  • 377 pages
  • Murphy's Gambit
  • Syne Mitchell
  • English
  • 09 July 2018
  • 9780451458094

10 thoughts on “Murphy's Gambit

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    Murphy s gambit was an enjoyable quick read there were times when Syne Mitchell s science fiction became a bit too fictional Such as during moments of complex emotion not that there really were any Her strength came out while illustrating the beautiful un...

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    I d actually give this a 3.75 rating Not quite a four because the storyline is predictable, but it was definitely a fun read I have no problem with predictable plots if the journey is entertaining and imaginative and the main character is believable in their motivations.I ve missed reading a straight up sci fi adventure that is a good mix of advent...

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    This was diverting and had some interesting ideas about how what culture might look like among peopel who grew up isolated and entirely in zero G Protagonist, her love interest and central antagonist were kind of cardboard cut outs though.

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    Syne Mitchell writes pure space opera an epic journey, a plot twist or two, some unreasonable event, mild sexual undertones, and a quick happy ending

    Why 5 stars B C I enjoyed reading it while the ...

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    I read this for review on SF Mistressworks I forget where I stumbled across mention of this novel, and with a publication year of 2000 it only just sneaks into SF Mistressworks s remit, but it looked intriguing enough for me to buy a cheap copy on eBay which proved to be a bit tat...

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    best throwaway line ever it s only rocket science return This is my personal favorite of Syne s SF books to date.

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