Peter and the Frankenstein

Peter And The Frankenstein PDF Epub Author Darren Pillsbury Nature For Fans Of J.K Rowling The HARRY POTTER Series , Darren Shan CIRQUE DU FREAK , R.L Stine The GOOSEBUMPS Series , And Stephen King IT Volume Three In The PETER AND THE MONSTERS Series Follow The Adventures Started In PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Volume One And PETER AND THE WEREWOLVES Volume Two Tragedy Has Struck Peter S Best Friend Dill In His Effort To Help, Grandfather Might Have Actually Made Things Worse But Help Is On The Way In The Form Of A New Ally, And Important Information Surfaces That Might Explain The Curse Now Haunting Peter And His Family In This Volume, Peter Battles Supernatural Mayhem, Including A Scientist Who Pieces Together A Family Of Monstrous Creations A Pack Of Small Creatures That Kill The Local Baker, And Plan To Make Peter Their Next Victim Peter S Own Dark Side, Which Rears Its Ugly Head In A Violent Rampage A Mysterious Snow Demon Out Of Native American Legend That Menaces Peter On A Ski Trip And A Couple Of Walking Dead Who Try To Put Peter In The Morgue During A Visit To The Hospital The PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Series Is For Teens And Adults Who, When They Were Kids, Were Looking For Stories That Kicked Butt The Protagonist Might Be Young, But The Stories Are Dark, Funny, And Edge Of Your Seat Suspenseful.PETER AND THE FRANKENSTEIN Is The Third In An Ongoing Series That Includes PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Volume 1 And PETER AND THE WEREWOLVES Volume 2 This Book Is 150,000 Words 450 Pages And Contains Some Mild Language, Violence, And Scary Situations.Peter and the Frankenstein

Darren used to watch movies for a living It s not as fun as it sounds Now he writes the YA horror comedy series PETER AND THE MONSTERS, about a 10 year old boy who moves into his grandfather s creepy old mansion and bad, baaaaad things start to happen.

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    This bundle has four Peter stories As I have really enjoyed the series, here is my review of Books 9 13 of the series.PETER AND THE FRANKENSTEINPeter hears about bodies disappearing as in being stolen Grandfather is concerned about a problem from the werewolves He wants to get a second opinion And then things really ...

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    Peter and the FrankensteinIn order to solve Dill s little problem see Vol 2 , Peter s grandfather calls a friend of his, one Dr Veedermeier However, Peter soon discovers the good doctor has secrets of his own This story starts out on a light note, but turns dark very quickly I loved the variation on the Frankenstein s monsters that we see in this story, although they are very disturbing Dr V is a fun character, I hope we see of him in the future.Peter and the Gingerbread MenA few weeks after the Frankenstein incident, the baker is murdered Dill wants to see a CSI team at work and drags Peter to the crime scene But what they find instead is an army of cute little Gingerbread men, who attack Dill and Peter The boys barely manage to escape They return in the morning with their grandfather in tow and discover that someone set the baker up with a magic formula for creating golems Unfortunately, before they do anything about it, grandfather is arrested by the police for disturbing the scene of a crime The boys are again attacked, and are only saved by the intervention ...

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    These stories are excellent, my son, wife and I can see our family members in the characters I haven t read one story that wasn t well received Our whole household is a fan of this author He s got some of the best kids books available.

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    this series is getting darker and darker marvellously well written and has made my fiance appreciate the monster genre.

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    Great series More for adults.creepy at times Happy Reading

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    Frankensteins, plural yes and not all of them are strictly humanoid Ah, the curiosities of the deranged yet brilliant mind great book, part of a series, gotta read em all

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