What Catholic Guy Made Money As An Organ Grinder S Assistant, Spent One On One Time With John Paul II, Met A Very Nice Thai Prostitute, And Confessed His Sins On A Beanbag Chair Lino Rulli, Of Course Lino Rulli Has A Style And Personality Not Typically Found In The World Of Religious Media In This Fast And Funny Collection Of Stories From His Own Life, The Catholic Guy Speaks Honestly About His Failures, Successes, And Embarrassing Moments His Regular Guy Approach To Catholicism Is Both Humble And Hilarious.The Audio Edition Of This Book Can Be Downloaded Via Audible.Sinner

Lino Rulli hosts The Catholic Guy , heard across North America on SiriusXM Satellite Radio 129 Monday Friday, from 5pm 7pm ET.In addition, he has worked in television since 1998 He is a 3 time Emmy award winner.In 2012, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, named by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, hired Lino to be the Cardinal s personal media advisor.He has given talks loca

[BOOKS] ✫ Sinner  ✵ Lino Rulli –
  • Paperback
  • 181 pages
  • Sinner
  • Lino Rulli
  • English
  • 10 April 2017
  • 9781616360399

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    Original post at One More PageI had no idea who Lino Rulli was until I heard him on Lifeteen s Holy Week podcast, which was actually his show with Mark Hart the Bible Geek as guest I listen to a few Catholic podcasts, but I have never heard of him until then, so I admit that I wasn t really sure what to expect when I started listening to the episode that Good Friday But a few minutes in, I was already charmed by this funny Catholic guy, which led me to downloading other episodes of The Catholic Guy Show from iTunes He plugged his book, Sinner, several times in the other episodes, but I wasn t really sure if I want to buy it because I m picky with books like that A few laugh out loud episodes, however he and his co host Fr Rob kept me awake during my night shift work days , I knew I wanted his book Then came my friend Monique, bearing good news and new books, and she sent me the ebook version of Sinner as a gift.That is divine providence, IMHO.But I digress I wasn t planning to read this too soon, but when I loaded the book on my Kindle, I found myself starting the book And reading Two days later, I am done.What just happened there, oy Sinner by Lino Rulli is exactly what the subtitle says it is The Catholic Guy s Funny, Feeble Attempts to be a Faithful Catholic This book had me from the introduction, particularly this line I want to be faithful, but I m scared Scared that I ll try and fail And in some ways, even scared that I ll succeed.Lino Rulli is not a reformed Catholic He s not one who had a bad past and found the light and then turned and had a holy life afterwards Sinner is not that kind of book where the author talks about the dark days and then the conversion and the days in the light Sinner is about a guy who was born and raised Catholic, and still had doubts and mishaps while knowing God It s basically the story of every human who s a part of the Catholic church and is trying but often failing to live the way God called them to be.I can t remember laughing so much while I was reading a book, and a non fiction Catholic book at that Lino is as witty and funny on paper as he is on radio podcast, and I can imagine him really saying these stories on his show These are confessions that I think some traditional and strictly religious Catholics would shake their heads at, but would touch the hearts of the everyday struggling Catholic and make them smile and be comforted that they aren t alone in their struggles and their journey Lino s stories range from his dad being an organ grinder to meeting the Pope, to confession several times , to his mother and his single life woes I d like to believe that there s something for every Catholic in this book, but I will let you be the judge of that which is my not so subtle way of saying, Guys, you should really read this book.The only thing I wanted after I finished reading this was that there was , because I really and truly enjoyed this one Oh, and possibly a story about Fr Rob P This book reminds me of Flashbang by Mark Steele, but possibly a bit better, because hey, it s Catholic And it s not often I read books about the faith I grew up in There s nothing like feeling a sense of community while reading about confession and how hard it is to do or confirmation or Blessed Pope John Paul II in one book If you re ever the one who tried reading Catholic books but got bored or felt that you can t relate, then I suggest you try this book It s funny, refreshing, borderline irreverent but definitely easy to relate to, because when it all comes down to it, we are all sinners, period.Sinner by Lino Rulli may just be one of the most honest books I ve read this year, and I think based on this honesty alone, it deserves all the stars I can give And a spot on my favorites shelf I wanted to be as honest as possible about my faith, my doubts, and my sins To let people see my pride, my jealousy, my wrath, my lust But also see someone who s still trying to fight the good fight of faith p.141

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    1 Lino Rulli is compared to C.S Lewis, by me.2 I will probably spend money because of this book, than almost any other book.3 Lino Rulli compares himself my hero, Archbishop Sheen.4 Lino Rulli inspires me to do better at my faith.All three of these statements is true, but some may not be what you think, but I wanted to make Lino feel better.1 Lino Rulli is compared to C S Lewis.Lino must be a holy man writing this book to be compared to one of the great Christian writers of the 20th century C S Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, and the Screwtape Letters Am I comparing Lino to C.S Lewis because of his deep theological writings and understanding in the world No, not really I compare Lino Rulli to C S Lewis because I stayed up until 2 30am reading his book to finish it in one night The only other book I have ever read in one sitting was C S Lewis The Great Divorce.Sinner The Catholic Guy s funny, feeble attempts to be a faithful Catholic, had me hooked from the beginning Almost literally, the things that Archbishop Dolan should have waited a few months to get the Cardinal s take , and the other people on the flap were so well written Then, the book started and it was also great WhileThe Great Divorce held my attention with the fear of death, Lino was able to capture my attention by holding up a mirror to my life and showing me that I was not alone in many of my struggles and beliefs It is very reassuring to know that I am not the only one who feels the way I do about the faith and my personal life I want to say, But at least I m not that big of a sinner, just to get on the jacket of his next book, but I d be lying.2 I will probably spend money because of this book, than almost any other book.I am almost certain that Lino would think this was good, especially if he was thinking that it is because I would be buying many copies of his book for friends and relatives I am absolutely certain he would think this was bad if the money was instead going to the therapist I am going to need to hire to get some of the images out of my mind.Just kidding I have decided that this book was good enough that I bought a copy for my best friend s non Catholic girlfriend so that she could understand me better It s the first time I ve ever purchased a Kindle book for someone other than myself I called her at 9 30 at work, asked if she had the Kindle app on her iPad 3 I refused to call it just iPad , and then e mailed it to here .com Prime makes everything easy This morning she said she was 6 chapters into it, which is where I was when I ordered a copy for her Unfortunately that was 5 chapters before I got to Thai Temptation That wouldn t have been so bad, except that s also the time that I sent the book to my mom and dad to read by 2 day mail Oh Well.I also am giving this book to my friend who is finishing her grad school comps as I write Praying for you I am trying to decide whether I should give this book to some of my Catholic students who are graduating and going to college What do you think 3 Lino Rulli compares himself my hero, Archbishop Sheen.One of only two quotes I will take from the book, so that you have to buy it, is in regards to the Patron of this Blog, Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen.But I also knew it winning and Emmy Award for Generation Cross was a long shot Back in the 1950s there was a guy named Archbishop Fulton Sheen who had a TV show on a major network He won an Emmy for his work That was my goal to be the first person since Fulton Sheen to win an Emmy while hosting a Catholic TV show pg 175 Kindle edition How great is it that Lino knows his roots in Catholic media that s actually entertaining In fact he talks about how boring Catholic media is, almost incessantly on his show, The Catholic Guy, Sirius XM 129 Archbishop Sheen accepted his Emmy with, I feel it is time I pay tribute to my four writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Lino apparently wasn t as prepared, but you ll have to read the book to find out.4 Lino Rulli inspires me to do better at my faith.Okay, so maybe he just reminds me that sometimes the harder it is to practice your faith, the easier it is to practice your faith I always remark that the times of the year where the church asks the most of me, Lent, Advent, Holy Week, are times when I sin WAY less than the rest of the year Lino comments on this phenomenon in relation to being overseas getting to Mass, when he has a hard time going to Mass at home when it s just around the corner Place me in a foreign country, however, and I have my work cut out for me It s an adventure, not convenient, a sacrifice The the Church asks of me, the into it I am Taken from

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    Lino Rulli who hosts The Catholic Guy on Sirius Radio has written a autobiography simply named sinner I first became aware of Lino back in 2006 when he invited me on his show I soon came to appreciate his quick wit and banter While I don t have Sirius radio I listen to the podcast highlights of his show and follow him on Twitter I also remember being rather impressed with the talk he gave at last years Catholic New Media Convention.So I was prepared for a funny autobiography with spiritual themes, but I was not prepared for how both funny and serious this book was At first I thought that he was pulling my leg a bit as he described his childhood and his father coming out of a church with a vocation to be an organ grinder After I realized he wasn t kidding and wrote a delightful picture of his father it only brought up to me the life is stranger than fiction quote That Lino had to substitute for the monkey they couldn t afford surprised me less for some reason.I think I was grinning widely while I read most of this book and loved the fact it had two things I so much love humor and the faith He tells some great stories including on involving a confessional where both the priest and the penitent used beanbag chairs That is not his only confessional story and tells some other throughout the book.This is also a very frank book in that Lino does not dress himself up as the best Catholic in the world as you might guess from the title of his autobiography He discusses his temptations and difficulties forthrightly, but humorously The fact that he is single at 39 is also a theme in his book and while he draws humor out of this he also shows a serious side The spiritual component of the book is threaded among the humor, yet it shows a good look into the spiritual life of avoiding temptation, occasionally falling, and thankfulness to God in any success over temptation There was much in what he wrote I could relate to and I think it would be the same for many others.Some critique Lino Rulli for him being a Catholic Howard Stern , though I don t think this is a very accurate assessment While Lino likes and listens to Stern s show it is not with a rose colored admiration it has caveats But he does credit Stern for helping him to make his own show honest with him not pretending he is something he is not, while at the same time taking the spiritual life seriously.As for myself I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it successfully presents the faith as something serious and his own life living the faith as something that could be both laughed at and related to.

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    Whaddaya know a funny Catholic I subcribe to a lot of Catholic radio podcasts I often get tired of questions by the uptight members of the flock about whether we should hold hands at Mass or take the Host in the palm of the hand Since I don t get satellite radio, this audiobook the first time I had come across this Catholic Guy His brutal, self effacing comedy is music to my Gen X ears I recognize it s not for everyone, but if you have a devotion to the Holy Sacrament, AND also enjoy what my wife calls boy humor , try Sinner Also, the bonus audiobook commentary at the end of each chapter with Fr Rob is hilarious I just subscribed to his podcast.

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    I hate to feed Lino Rulli s ego, but here goes His book Sinner had me chuckling out loud.Fortunately there s a good dose of humility left in the St Paul native despite his success in both television and radio When that s combined with the self deprecating humor that he spreads on pretty thickly in stories from his relatively young life and times, it makes for reading that s both funny and I m searching for a word here well, evangelizing Catechizing without trying too hard Preaching as much to himself as to others Lino is a self admitted screw up who s trying not to be.He s trying to be a good Catholic, holy, even a saint He claims to be not doing so well at it, hence the book s title You and I might call him normal.Okay, maybe obsessive.Definitely gregarious and out spoken.Yes, paranoid.But still funny And he d want me to mention that he s single and still available, ladies.As he both stumbles along and finds success , the tales he tells are the stuff of sitcoms The pratfalls are both physical and moral, and that s where the faith connection comes into play The stories usually have a punchline, and most have a sliver or two of catechism, too.So that makes Sinner not unlike Lino s The Catholic Guy show on SiriusXM Radio afternoons daily, which he tries to make three hours of Catholic radio that doesn t suck his description.That s what the book is It s funny stories that end up being a teaching vehicle about things Catholic that won t bore you to death or hit you over the head with dogma The Catholic teaching is there, but it s a pill that s not that hard to swallow.Frankly, the quality of the writing in Sinner isn t unexpected Lino s writing talent made the pages of The Catholic Spirit young adult friendly for a number of years The Generation Cross show that he hosted on Twin Cities cable television aimed, successfully, to be Catholic TV people 18 to 34 would actually watch His quick wit and his professional know how around a camera and microphone have been recognized with three Emmys.Readers of Sinner will find themselves appreciating Lino s dedication to his Catholic faith and his commitment to excellence in his chosen vocation And they ll laugh out loud, too Sinner is available on .com and Barnes and Noble, via Kindle and audiobook as well.

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    In Sinner, Rulli tells about his life the way you would hear it from your friend over a drink Is being a Catholic always easy No But, as you read through the chapters you realize that to Rulli, it is worth it He is funny, very funny and honest about who he is HIs chapters on Confession combined with the chapter on his doctor visit while in grad school is enough to recommend the book Through all the jokes and one liners though, Rulli is a man after God s heart, trying to serve him and share Jesus Gospel in his down to earth, easy to understand way This book is perfect for anyone who thinks people who write Catholic books must be oh so holy and perfect or for the person who needs to laugh a little I appreciate simplicity Rulli speaks the truth about our faith and his life simply so that it is accessible to many people Personally, I think it is difficult to convey faith simply Rulli does a great job Get yourself a copy of the book and then share it with a friend.

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    I have only known of Lino Rulli, The Catholic Guy , host of The Catholic Guy Show on Sirius XM only a little than two years ago I learned of Lino Rulli through a video of him and Catholic artist Steve Angrisano singing a newly composed country song, Lord, You Make Me Smile, on Facebook in November of 2015 Clicking on Lino Rulli s Facebook page led me to a whole new window of Catholic media Since then, I have listened to some Catholic Guy podcasts which not only informed people about Catholicism, but did so in a comedic way I wish many Catholics could have the same comedic style of Lino Rulli.Stories aside, I received a review copy of Lino Rulli s first book, Sinner The Catholic Guy s Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic It just seemed like a very funny and interesting title and indeed it was Sinner is a book I think every Catholic can connect with If not, then contact the Pope to canonize you Seriously, we all stumble in the path of Christian life However, Lino Rulli , like everyone else is a Catholic who stumbles along the way but stand back up again The question we should ask ourselves is, When I fail, do I try again or do I give up Sinner is consisted of 26 chapters, each recounting a different story of his life from childhood to his adulthood Rulli makes it evident that being Catholic does not mean you are automatically a saint It takes time, patience, virtues and mistakes in order to improve.Each story allows me to connect to my own life I have had many funny ecclesiastical experiences throughout my years of ministry at the Church Reading Rulli s stories assure me that even though I may fail, I am not alone and that there are people like myself who strive for sainthood each and everyday.Reading Sinner also gave me context to what Lino is saying on The Catholic Man Show Having read Sinner, some of the things I listen to makes sense as Lino often connects aspects of his personal life on the show.Sinner is not a theologically complex book, unlike some reads such as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI s Last Testament In His Own Word with Peter Seewald That language used in that book seems to be a little challenging to understand at points Reading Sinner, I can actually imagine Lino reading the book as the way he writes seems to fit his personality.I also enjoyed the section Through the Years with Lino Rulli located in the middle of the book It is a short photo album of toddler Lino to adult Lino This seems to bring the text alive and to prove that what Rulli is saying, is true.To sum up this short review for one of the shortest books I have reviewed on The Catholic Man Reviews, Sinner is a very relatable book for every Catholic.On The Catholic Man s Scale 5 5Lino Rulli also has a sequel to Sinner, Saint, Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away Seems contradicting to Sinner I don t know perhaps I ll get a review copy of it someday.

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    A fun collection of anecdotes and essays If you re a fan of Rulli s you ll really enjoy this book It s a light read with frequent deep chuckles and some really memorable characters Stories of his time in Italy are particularly compelling, as his personality and his faith really come through best in those moments He s equally unashamed of his flaws and his past as he is of the pursuit of enlightenment that not so casually dominates his present It s a faith exploration anchored in a secular reality, and it s a joke book that knows its audience It won t change your opinions, but it will fill a few days with laughter and reflection.

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    This book is what I expected quick and easy to read, laugh out loud funny at times, a little bit silly, and a moderate dose of good advice for a Catholic It helped that I actually spent a week with the author last month, so it helped to imagine his voice talking during the book since he writes the same way he talks The book didn t change my life but I m glad I spent the time to read it.

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    I can hear Lino s voice in my head throughout the entire thing I laughed and smiled along the way, but mostly thought, Wow, someone else has had these exact thoughts I ve met Lino in person and he s every bit as genuine in real life as he portrays in Sinner Would recommend to anyone Catholic or not.

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