BOOKS Sonnenfinsternis Author Arthur Koestler RUSBASHOV, Miembro De La Vieja Guardia Bolchevique Y H Roe De La Revoluci N Sovi Tica, Ha Sido Encarcelado Acusado De Traici N Al Gobiernode Mosc Es Incitado A Autoinculparse De Una Serie De Delitos Y Traiciones Que No Ha Cometido, Pero Termina Por Confesar A Fin De Salvar La Revoluci N Esta Obra Cumbre De La Literatura Pol Tica Nos Ofrece Un Testimonio Excepcional De La Angustia Que Sufrieron Cientos De Antiguos Miembros Del Partido Que Desaparecieron, Fueron Encarcelados Y Juzgados O Llegaron A Autoinmolarse Para Salvarlo.Sonnenfinsternis

Arthur Koestler CBE K sztler Art r was a prolific writer of essays, novels and autobiographies.He was born into a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest but, apart from his early school years, was educated in Austria His early career was in journalism In 1931 he joined the Communist Party of Germany but, disillusioned, he resigned from it in 1938 and in 1940 published a devastating anti Communis

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    This is a diseased century.We diagnosed the disease and its causes with microscopic exactness, but wherever we applied the healing knife a new sore appeared Our will was hard and pure, we should have been loved by the people But they hate us Why are we so odious and detested We brought you truth, and in our mouth it sounded a lie We brought you freedom, and it looks in our hands like a whip We brought you the living life, and where our voices is heard the trees wither and there is a rustling of dry leaves We brought you the promise of the future, but our tongue stammered and barked.Nicholas Salmanovitch Rubashov is arrested Soviet Prison Doors Similar to the one that Rubashov found himself behind Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts But this must happen in such a way that no one become aware of it or, if it should be noticed, excuses must be at hand, to be produced immediately Machiavelli The Old Bolsheviks that brought communism to power in Russia are being eliminated one by one by their once friend and colleague referred to in the book as No 1, but of course he is ...

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    L UNICO SOGNO CONSISTE IN UNA PAROLA SCRITTA SULLA PORTA DEL CIMITERO DEI VINTI DORMIREEcco un libro che mi colp molto ed rimasto profondo nella mia memoria, forse perch stato il primo che ho letto sull argomento le purghe staliniane, per usare una definizione riduttiva.Forse invece perch proprio bello e magari meriterebbe la quinta stella.Altro elemento che colpisce che fu scritto nel 1940, pochi anni dopo l inizio di quel mostruoso periodo storico, e viene da pensare che se non il primo su questo tema, ci vada molto vicino.Colpisce anche la biografia dello stesso Koestler all universit studia scienze, ma poi abbandona e si unisce a un organizzazione sionista in Palestina 1926 Diventa giornalista proprio in Medio Oriente Cinque anni dopo lascia tutto e si trasferisce a Berlino sta crescendo l onda nazista, e lui, tanto per essere in armonia col paese che lo ospita, s iscrive al Partito Comunista e attraversa Russia, Ucraina, Caucaso e Asia Centrale per raccontare i risultati del primo piano quinquennale A questo punto il 1934...

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    Sonnenfinsternis Darkness at Noon, c1940, Arthur KoestlerDarkness at Noon German Sonnenfinsternis is a novel by Hungarian born British novelist Arthur Koestler, first published in 1940 His best known work, it is the ...

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    Oh, how I do love those Russians Plus I m hoping reading this will make me feel better about my own life, which lately feels like a grim, freezing Stalinist dystopia of gray hopeless days It could be worse, right I ve got a lot of work to do tonight, and somehow I thought this would be an excellent time to go back and review Darkness at Noon. MUCH bigger priority than getting work done, wouldn t you say Well, so, okay, this book was a little bit bleak Yeah, not the feel good date novel of the year, not this one Darkness at Noon conveys the brutality and claustrophobia of the prison cell and interrogation room, and you kind of do feel like you re there, toothache and hunger and all, and okay let s be honest it isn t much fun.This story, such as it is, covers the madcap adventures of one Mr Rubashov, a revolutionary who is in the process of being purged by the vaguely Stalinesque Number One, leader of the Party that Rubashov helped to create Now, if you think this sounds reminiscent of the delightful 1960s television show The Prisoner, think again Actually, I bet whoever dreamed up The Prisoner...

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    The back of my 1972 copy of Darkness at Noon claims that it is one of the few books written in this epoch which will survive it To me, Darkness at Noon seems like a book on the verge of being forgotten It s almost never on the shelves in bookstores or libraries, and I rarely hear it discussed I don t think it s taught in schools, at least in my part of the world Perhaps with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of communism and the Cold War, the importance of the great revolutions of the 20th Century and their ensuing brutal authoritarian regimes is appearing less and less relevant to the current and future global political landscape Maybe they are being interpreted as of a political aberration an anomaly, rather than an important and lasting historical trend Stalin is long gone, taking the immediacy of Darkness at Noon with him But this is a book to be viewed through a much wider lens I will concede that Darkness at Noon certainly doesn t resonate as clearly with the current state of the world as does Nineteen Eighty Four, with which it is often compared But Darkness at Noon is nonetheless a wonderfully profound and important book It can be compared to Orwell s novel not only for its vision of a totalitarian political state, but also for its...

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    El principio seg n el cual el fin justifica los medios sigue siendo la nica regla de tica pol tica todo lo dem s no son m s que charlataner as que se deshacen entre los dedos No se puede negar a Vargas Llosa cuando afirma que Koestler retrat en su novela los mecanismos de la destrucci n de la personalidad y el envilecimiento de las v ctimas que pusieron en evidencia los procesos de Mosc de los a os treinta , como tambi n es innegable la poderosa descripci n que el relato contiene de la cruel degradaci n de un sistema que lleg a establecer como verdad solo aquello que lo fortalec a y convertir en mentira todo lo que lo pon a en peligro, pero s me gustar a deciros que no es esto lo m s importante de la novela Lo terrible de El cero y el infinito 1940 , y lo que la separa y la distingue de sus primas hermanas Rebeli n en la Granja 1945 o 1984 1949 , es la representaci n que nos ofrece de la l gica fan tica, de su poder sobre sobre hombres y mujeres una vez que estos aceptan ciertas premisas b sicas como incuestionables Koestler nos muestra los mecanismos por los cuales una idea, su defe...

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    An Announcement Concerning the Class Traitor NotAfter a scrupulously fair trial in the People s Court, Comrade Not has been found guilty of posting an ideologically unsound review To protect other comrades from the possibility of being seduced into thought crime, the review has now been removed from the community area has also offered Not a course of reeducation Their representatives arrived promptly at 4 am yesterday morning, and courteously but firmly helped Not to understand her dialectical misconceptions.Since her reeducation course, Comrade Not s behavior has been much improved She has not written any ideologically dubious posts, but sit...

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    I need reminders from time to time, like those in this novel, of psychological and moral atrocities, of the hyper viciousness of a pack lead by unstable maniacs and sociopaths Darkness at Noon is a chilling novel about Nicholas Salmanovitch Rubashov, an old Bolshevik, formerly Commissar of the People, and a leader ...

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    Darkness at Noon is a haunting picture of life in the darkest era of Stalinist Russia inside a political prison The protagonist is Rubashov, an Old Bolshevik who is arrested and tried for treason by the government that he helped create Vividly realistic, Koestler paints the life of Rubashov in his prison cell, his wall tapping conversations with other inmates, his memories of life outside and some of the crimes he committed and the rationalizations for them, as well as his confrontation with his jailers the ill fated former friend Ivanov, and the brutish and violent neanderthal Gletkin of the starched sleeves and harsh methods The story moves rather quickly and the reader is drawn into the story almost immediately with the difficulty in positioning with respect to Rubashov he is a victim of an inju...

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