The Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America

PDF The Ultimates 2, Volume 2 Grand Theft America Author Mark Millar Tony And Natasha Are On The Eve Of Their Wedding, But When Nick Fury Makes His Move Against The Mysterious Traitor That S Been Plaguing The Team, The Team Will Never Be The Same Also, Captain America And Wasp Hit A Serious Snag In Their Relationship Is This The End For The Ultimate Universe S Hottest CoupleThe Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America

Mark Millar is the New York Times best selling writer of Wanted, the Kick Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter s Legacy, Jupiter s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts Wanted, Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2, and The Secret Service as Kingsman The Secret Service have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupit

[Reading] ➻ The Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America ➱ Mark Millar –
  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • The Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America
  • Mark Millar
  • English
  • 25 December 2019
  • 9780785117902

10 thoughts on “The Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America

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    This was actually better than I remembered it.There were some pretty crazy moments including the arrest of Captain America and uncovering the traitor that s been hinted at for a while now.Oh man, and the thing with Hawkeye Brutal view spoiler When they killed his girlfriend and his kids Holy ...

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    Let s see America gets invaded by a coalition of rogue nations who have built up a small army of super humans, and they re led by a pissed off radical Muslim It s almost like Mark Millar is just a pen name for Glenn Beck.I kid, I kid Actually all the set up work in the previous volume Gods Monsters pays off nicely here With a couple of the Ultimates apparently dead, one locked up for being crazy town banana pants, another arrested for being a traitor who led a deadly attack on a fellow team member s family, and the entire world angry at the US for using the team to disarm a Middle Eastern country, it s the perfect time for an all out attack on the US Almost as if someone had orchestrated all these events This one is big on the super powered action and the scale is epic Millar does a nice job of creating an atmosphere of doom and defeat so that it s extra sweet when the good guys start fighting back The Oh Hell Yeah moments come fast and furious then ...

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    4 starsThe Ultimates 2 Issues 7 13Boy, oh boy, oh boy That was an epic finale Sheesh A lot happened but I don t want to spoil it The traitor in SHIELD broke my heart That was too hard to read They were just all broken to pieces Br...

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    Again, I m convinced people love this series because they like the plot not because they like the characters.Anyway, usual Ults rant aside, I liked the art in this one Thor and Tony remain the only sympathetic characters in this universe Although, I do find Cap really interesting to read about I hated having to read an entire issue revolving around Hank Pym I really hate this character I found it hard to care during his interludes afterwards, as well Even worse, the decision to have Jan dump Cap and go back to him I can hear someone saying but that s how it works Unfortunately, spousal abuse victims often go back to their husbands To which I d ask do you really think this series cared all that much about the cycle of abuse and portraying things realistically The same series that turned Natasha into a honey pot that only knew the word comrade or Valkyrie into a nineteen year old that would knowingly pursue Hank Pym after his very publicized domestic violence issues or Jan who contin...

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    4.5 stars This was an incredibly well done story arc and a ton of fun to read Very entertaining though also quite dark, especially for a Marvel product e.g quite a few people die and in some fairly violent ways Anyway, the basic story is that a group of enemy countries Russia, China, North Korea, Iran to name a few , fearful of the Ultimates allegience to the U.S devise a plan to create their own super hero group, take down the Ultimates from the i...

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    The wait for the second half of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch s Ultimes Book 2 was long After having moved the release date times than I care to count and we are now talking about the release date for the TPB, not the comics per se, which of course alos suffered tremendously from this , I am left with a very divided mind The story goes all out with Marvel s Ultimate universe s version of the Avengers presenting us with traitors and an attack upon the US by international forces including the Arab community, Russia, China and, I believe, North Korea, not to mention the return of theUltimate Hulk and a BIG scale blow out Not a story without merits to be sure, and I really liked it Nor is Millar writing or plotting really a problem, this is still really good But, and this is a big but, this volume shows the great slip in conception from when the Ultimate universe was started and where Marvel has already managed to land it in only a few years When created, as I understood it, it was supposed to do two things primarily One was setting up a cleaner slate, without the humungous amount of continuity that has been been bogging down the regular Marvel universe for some time now, and the other being a contemporary and realistic take on what would happen if the founding events of the Marvel universe happened today And the early material of Ultimate X Men, Ultimate Spider Man and The Ultimates did...

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    One by one, the Ultimates are broken physically or spiritually to make them unable to prevent the threat on the US which munts to an all out invasion that is a beauty to watch The scale of the thing is impressive, with superpowered beings and robots fighting like it s the end of the world.The Ultimates and Captain Britain s team carry out a misson in a Middle Eastern country and leave ruin in their wake A team of assassins led by a secret Ultimates member kills Hawkeye and his family view spoiler Fury is keeping the event a secret until he finds the culprit Hawkeye s body isn t found at the scene, as he is drugged to reveal security codes Captain America gets attacked and imprisoned by Fury and a SHIELD team of operatives for killing Hawkeye.Everything has been leading up to an invasion of the US with Loki as its mastermind And they have a superhero team called the Liberators, carriers and giant mechs The SHIELD helicarrier is taken out, but Fury and the Ultimates survive the crash While they fight the invaders, Black Widow reveals she is on their side and restrains Iron Man Her uses her nanites to disable her, allowing Stark to work on a counter attack H...

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    Well it was nice to get to the payoff for this, after everything that lead us here Traitors are revealed, innocents die, and unexpected returns turn the tides at just the right moment If I could put it in movie terms, it seems like this is a Michael Bay movie That s OK, because it s kinda what you want to see after everything that s happened, but it also kinda leaves you like oh well, that was flashy and lots of boom but a little empty after.I think the aftermath and the decisions of where to take things from that point are interesting, and I d read of the Ultimate Universe.It was kind of strange to see Ultimate FF and X Men show up with absolutely no other appearances, and some of the super villains are laughable, like they put no time into them at all.Somehow I still gave this book 4 stars, and it s probably because I liked a shoot em up crash bang finale.The real problem is that Millar seems to think Ultimate version means make most of them into assholes.There ar...

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    Nice well written story and art in this alternate reality series based on Marvel s Avengers Recommended

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