Dead by Any Other Name (A Janets Planet Mystery #2)

Ebook Dead By Any Other Name A Janets Planet Mystery 2 By Sebastian Stuart Hunting The Hudson River Valley For Cast Off Treasures Is Usually Low Stress For Janet Petrocelli, A Former Shrink Who Now Owns A Used Stuff Shop But Her Insatiable Curiosity Kicks In When She Gets A Call From Natasha Wolfson, A High Strung Singer And Songwriter The Girl Is Desperate To Unload Her Funky Jewelry For A Little Fast Cash So She Can Move To Los Angeles And Escape Some Serious Trouble Hours After Meeting With Janet, The Tormented Rising Star Allegedly Leaps To Her Death Suspecting Foul Play, Janet Noses Into Natasha S Life And Gets Drawn Into An Eccentric Enclave Ruled By The Rich And Infamous From A Hotbed Of Corruption At The New York State Capital To An Exotic Pleasure House Hidden Deep In The Catskills, Janet S Obsession With The Case Leads Her Closer To The Shocking Truth.Dead by Any Other Name (A Janets Planet Mystery #2)

I was born and raised in New York City my first home was Greenwich Village I went to a bunch of schools, including two years at a public high school, before finishing up at a ragtag prep school in Connecticut the setting for my novel The Hour Between At 17, I moved to San Francisco, ostensibly to go to San Francisco State College It was the late sixties and the classroom had a hard time comp

➶ Dead by Any Other Name (A Janets Planet Mystery #2)  Free ➬ Author Sebastian Stuart –
  • Paperback
  • 253 pages
  • Dead by Any Other Name (A Janets Planet Mystery #2)
  • Sebastian Stuart
  • English
  • 02 July 2017
  • 9780738723174

10 thoughts on “Dead by Any Other Name (A Janets Planet Mystery #2)

  1. says:

    This turned out to be a great story with interesting characters, but I had some trouble with it at the beginning For one thing, there were a few times when it seemed obvious to me that the author was man writing a woman s character however, it did work most of the time Secondly, the sentence structure was often REALLY horrible to the point where it truly...

  2. says:

    Got this book at a library salethought it looked like a quick read and I always like to try new authorsand soooooooFirst the mystery is okthe murderee was someone that I would have liked to learn aboutthe character was well done..and gone in a few pagesah wellsuch are murder mysteriesbut the issue that wouldn t go away for me was that the book seemed to be about the authors personal views and showing how they are the normmaybe I am wrong but that s the way it seemedFirst pretty much all of the characters are gaywhich is fineexcept I very much doubt that all of the people in the world are gayand the ones that aren t gay are either thinking they may by gay including the main character or they are miserable in their relationshipsI feel badly for the author if he feels this is the true way of the worldbut I got tired of the constant electric feel when she came near mestatementsthe author also has the main characters jumping from bed to...

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    If you love the Hudson Valley and funny, well written mysteries, you ll enjoy this book Reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen, but without the gratuitous violence Could use an editor to clean up the rampant comma faults and overuse of the word pabulum I noti...

  4. says:

    Hot mess Too many characters and too many different plots to actually go into depth Skip this one.

  5. says:

    Too many of the characters and events in this book are just not believable The supposed antique store doesn t even come in to it, except for Janet to impose on her friends to open it for her The teenage Josie seems competent and responsible than the adult Janet, cooking meals and supposedly taking a semester off from high school to do inventory for Janet s business No public high school I ever heard of operates in semesters or lets kids just take one off Does this alleged business woman not have someone who could take inventory other than a child The foster parents supposedly just let Josie go with Janet, n...

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    This book held my interest to my reading it all night without sleeping, it was exciting and I couldn t just put it down and walk away.I would like to meet Janet Planet and check out her gift shop etc Talks a lot about the Catskills and one of the bridges, made me remember a swinging bridge that my Grandmother drove over while I huddled on the floor of the car, scared out of my mind when I was 12.I plan on going back and reading the first book, To the Ma...

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    The writing style in this book is absolutely atrocious The author appears incapable of using any punctuation except for commas, which creates hideous run on sentences that made me want to barf Character introductions read like a middle aged guys wet dreams again, ...

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    Retired therapist turned antique store owner Janet Petrocelli meets lovely singer Natasha Wolfson, and is shocked when the woman is found dead Janet thinks that the accident that ended Natasha s life was murder, and she certainly was mixed up with a...

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    This is the second in the series and nicely continued some of the story lines from the first More upstate New York settings her description of Troy made it sound a lot better than any part of Troy I ve been to Quick, fairly mindless read.

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    Another ARC I got at Bouchercon I should have looked at the back cover then and I d have found out that the book was coming out this month Oct 8 I would have read it before the other ARCs I got.Anyway, another good entry in this series.

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