Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story

Reading Time For Andrew A Ghost Story By Mary Downing Hahn Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Aunt Blythe S House Gives Andrew The Creeps Full Of Dark Rooms, Creaky Noises, And The Sound Of A Woman Sobbing Somewhere In The Shadows Then, In The Middle Of The Night, Andrew Awakens To Find A Boy Standing In His Rooma Boy Who Is Andrew S Double, Except He Looks As If He S Come From The Grave He Wants To Follow Him To A Place Where He Will Meet The Spirits Of Long Dead Ancestorsa Place From Which Andrew May Never Return.Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story

I grew up in a small shingled house down at the end of Guilford Road in College Park, Maryland Our block was loaded with kids my age We spent hours outdoors playing Kick the Can and Mother, May I as well as cowboy and outlaw games that usually ended in quarrels about who shot whom In the summer, we went on day long expeditions into forbidden territory the woods on the other side of the t

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 176 pages
  • Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story
  • Mary Downing Hahn
  • English
  • 11 April 2017

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    Oh, the dimensions we delve into You feel a full circle journey I equate it with a Star Trek, The Next Generation storyline In The Inner Light , the crew passes an expired planet and experiences the lifetime of its citizens Memories are impressed upon them Time For Andrew doesn t resemble that, except in the scope of a stunning emotional journey It has the beginnings of a ghost story, that plunges into a time travel trade I couldn t have guessed how much I would be enthralled by it Drew spends a summer posing as his great great uncle, Andrew , at the same house in 1910 Historically he died with his elder sister, Hannah watching over him in the bedroom Drew is using Drew is visiting his great aunt while his archaeologist parents are in France Great Aunt s Father his Dad s Grandpa lives with her It is fascinating to find so many things recognizable in 1910 the land and small details like dusty attic discards, suddenly seen around the house in full use Experiences with a far greater impact are unforgettable Drew learns the joy of siblings and also loves his temporary parents, even though he s desperate to return to his decade He agreed to stay long enough for modern medicine to heal Andrew The look a likes traded beds at a critical moment, to save him.The novel centers around Andrew s refusal to leave 1994, insisting he will switch back only if Drew beats him at marbles It becomes urgent...

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    He saw a ghost in the window when he first arrived, a flash of white in an upstairs window, like a face, and felt he was being watched I don t like when ghost stories begin the first second the character arrives at the location Let s just ease into it.Andrew overheard his parents talking about him to his aunt His dad said he s insecure, worries, is nervous and afraid and has too big of an imagination His mom said he s scared of the dark, afraid of witches under his bed and monsters in the closet I felt bad for him being talked about like that.His great grandpa was so mad that they named him Andrew that he left after the christening and never saw them again, never even sent Andrew a birthday card The family had a Captain Andrew Joseph Tyler and some Andrew barged into the room with Great Grandfather and the old man was afraid of him, said he d come back but it was no good because it was his house now He thought Andrew was a wicked boy Andrew heard the upstairs creaking like someone was walking He smelled roast chicken only to go to the kitchen and see that Aunt Blythe was making spaghetti.Andrew noticed that everything in the house was old and had belonged to people who are dead now He quickly came to question Aunt Blythe, on his first night there, if those people are still here Aunt Blythe believed echoes o...

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    I had read a number of Mary Downing Hahn books before reading Time for Andrew, so imagine my surprise when I realized that Time for Andrew isn t really a ghost story at all it s a timeslip story There are some scarier elements to Time for Andrew, compared to most timeslip stories think Tom s Midnight Garden or Charlotte Sometimes , but it s not scary like many of Downing Hahn s ghost stories.In Time for Andrew, Andrew goes to visit his Aunt Blythe who lives an old house that his family has lived in for decades While Andrew is there, he meets a child version of his great great uncle who looks eerily like Andrew and is transported into the past.I like timeslip stories, so I did like Time for Andrew, but a reader looking for like Wait Till Helen Comes, Deep and Dark and Dangerous, or The Old Willis Place may be disappointed Of the Downing Hahn books I ve read, Time for Andrew is probably most like The Doll In The Garden, but it s not even as creepy as that o...

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    Time for Andrew Mary Downing Hahn This was a very good ghost story Different from the usual Drew is sent to stay with his Great Aunt Blythe, in an old creepy house Drew s father explains how this house has been in the family for over a century Soon he hears women crying finding no one there His Aunt takes him into the attic to show him some of the old treasures She shows him photos of his relatives, and is shocked to find one boy looked exactly like him, and ironically his name is Andrew Drew finds a box of marbles hidden in the attic floor with a warning note attached.Soon he finds himself face to face with his look a like He find that the boy s name is Andrew, and he is from 1910 and dying of diphtheria Andrew convinces Drew to switch places with him, to save his life, he does not want to die at 12 years old Drew decides to switch and life is not the same Time is running out, and soon Drew must switch back or he will be stuck in 1910 and possibly change the outcome of his...

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    Time for Andrew is an otherwise great juvenile chapter book with two significant issues First off, the cover s statements that Time for Andrew is A Ghost Story and Very spooky are both misleading Instead of being a creepy tale in the vein of R L Stine s Goosebumps, this is a time travel...

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    This was a very interesting book, it was a good story But I didn t think it was really a ghost story because Andrew was technically not a ghost, just a person stuck in time.

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    as great as I remembered from when I read it as a kid I may pick up of Mary Downing Hahn s books after enjoying this one so much

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    This is one of the many books I read to my children at night as they went to sleep I also read this book every year to my classroom They can t get enough of it There are so many assignments you can get from this book from projection to summary to prediction The book is filled with creative writing genius personification, metaphors, similes, forshadowing, I could go on I discovered the book by my children who read it after the popular young adult fiction, Wait till Helen Comes Whic...

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    I first read this book in grade school and it was one of my favorites I loved the plot and characters It was a creepy story but also very fast pace Re reading at an adult was fun I enjoyed it just as much as I did when I wa...

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    Our assistant teacher that year, a wonderful woman named Mrs Denny, read this book to my 4th grade class many years ago It was a wonderful novel to come into the classroom for right after lunch break and was extremely we...

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