The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

PDF Epub The Ghost Of Crutchfield Hall Author Mary Downing Hahn When Twelve Year Old Florence Boards The Crowded Horse Drawn Coach In London, She Looks Forward To A New Life With Her Great Uncle And Aunt At Crutchfield Hall, An Old Manor House In The English Countryside Anything Will Be Better, She Thinks, Than The Grim London Orphanage Where She Has Lived Since Her Parents Death But Florence Doesn T Expect The Ghost Of Her Cousin Sophia, Who Haunts The Cavernous Rooms And Dimly Lit Hallways Of Crutchfield And Concocts A Plan To Use Florence To Help Her Achieve Her Murderous Goals Will Florence Be Able To Convince The Others In The Household Of The Imminent Danger And Stop Sophia Before It S Too LateThe Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

I grew up in a small shingled house down at the end of Guilford Road in College Park, Maryland Our block was loaded with kids my age We spent hours outdoors playing Kick the Can and Mother, May I as well as cowboy and outlaw games that usually ended in quarrels about who shot whom In the summer, we went on day long expeditions into forbidden territory the woods on the other side of the t

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  • 27 June 2018

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    not as dark scary as i wanted, but definitely a quick read.

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    4 STARS This was pretty creepy I read it along with the audio book and the narrator was perfect, I think that s why I enjoyed it so much I d never read anything by Mary Downing Hahn before but have been getting recommended her for years I m glad this was first of hers because it was so atmospheric and spooky and took place in the Victorian era, which is one of my favorite eras My one issue with this book is that I think it coul...

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    Have you ever wanted to explore a haunted house Of course I think you know what kind of genre this book is already, mystery and fantasy Overall i think this is an interisting story This book is taken place in an old creepy mansion that is also known as Crutchfield Hall This book all started of as orphan named Florence transitioning from an orphanage to a mansion Finding out that her cousin was sick and she couldnt even interact with him was a big dissapoitment for her, she had no idea why he was in that condition now trying to figure out why he was ill she had no idea what she was getting into It all started off as her hearing little things and the feeling that someones watching her overall thinking its her mind playing tricks on her She finds out that its not her consience even though their was some obsticales to face like her crabby old aunt and the mysteries that were hidden very deep in the house After many events that happened including meeting her cousin aka Sophias brother SPOILER ALERT Sophia is The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall This conflict is person vs person because in this book its character against a...

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    I thought that this was a good book I finished it in two days becouse it was so good and I just couldnt stop reading In this book a girl named Florence is an orphan, and then her uncle takes her in At her new home she finds out that her cousin Sophia died not to long ago Then she finds that her cousin James is sick and she cant even go into his room Then she starts to see Sophia even though she is dead Sophia tells Florence that she can wear her old dress and she even does her hair, then she tells her to go into James room When she goes into James room he throws books at her becouse he thinks she is Sophia He tells her how Sophia died and how now she wants James to pay for it I loved this book and thought it was very good and suspensful I wish she had made a better ending but I still liked the book alot I ...

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    i love mary downing hahn for creating my most favorite childhood book wait till helen comes and was hoping to begin gathering some of her other efforts for fiona s library, but this one is just disappointing.imagine, if you will, The Secret Garden, Turn of the Screw, Jane Eyre, and the last scene from the movie Carrie and you ll pretty much have this one all taken care of.there is nothing new under the sun, but there is at least some effort, usually, in masking it here, we have the story of florence, an orphan, saved from her tedious fate at mrs medleycoate s school for unfortunate children by a long lost uncle she, predictably, comes from wealth, goes to live in a huge estate in the country, with her aunt, her uncle, her pale and sickly cousin who spends all of his time lying in bed, not to be visited by the actively living, and the ghost of her other cousin sophia.right.this novel is not nearly as creepy as it needs to be, nor is it as engaging flo rida is about as charming as a pair of white socks she s precocious, mrs medleycoate s orphanage seemingly stocked to the brim with most of the time s most potent...

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    Another stop on my tour of middle grade horrorI wasn t a fan of this one To be blunt, the plot was flat, the storytelling was lazy, and the characters were annoying I particularly hated the ghost I realize she was supposed to be a brat, but it was done in such a way that if she haunted me, I d be irritated instead of scared when she showed up in my room at night The author clearly intended for this to be a grand homage to all the classic Gothics and ghost stories and to hammer this point home, she went out of her way to mention specific literature of the time that her protagonist wa...

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    This is a classic ghost story about a young orphan Florence who struggles to transition from an orphanage in the city, to a large house in the country The house is owned by her great aunt and uncle Her uncle is overjoyed to have a new member of the family and treats her with kindness Her aunt still cries about Sophia s death and is always comparing Florence to Sofia The last member of the house is a young boy by the name of James He is Florance s cousin and is very sick He has never left his room since the accident Oops, I made a mistake James is not the last resi...

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    Creepy, but ultimately unspectacular I don t know if this counts as historical fiction, as there is little in the way of history other than author name dropping Dickens, Bunyan, etc But I am almost entirely sure that if I were 8 years old and reading this book, I wou...

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    This truly is a much traditional Victorian ghost story and I loved it While it very much carried a Secret Garden element do it with the sickly brother never coming out of his room, that s pretty much where the similarities end.Florence is stuck in a conundrum, having left her friends at the orphanage to be alone in an old house with a rather doting uncle and an aunt that hates her, not to mention a cousin she never sees and a dead cousin that won t leave her alone She has no one to complain to and she can t tell her orphanage friends for fear of them thinking she s ungrateful So what s she to do Sophia, her tragically dead cousin, won t leave her alone and no one will speak of the horrible cold corners and whispers and laughter They say it s all in her imagination although they seem very frightened of it.While the story didn t have me jumping, it certainly had a creep factor to it and for a moment or maybe even longer , I didn t know how it was going to end I hate it when I can see the ending coming and with this book, I certainly couldn t Not really Hahn leaves puncture ...

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    I actually wanted to give this one 3 1 2 stars I enjoyed the setting of the story and the characters than the plot itself Florence Crutchfield arrives at her uncle s house from the orphanage where she has lived for the past 7 years to find an aunt who doesn t want her there, a sickly, bed ridden cousin, and the mean, vengeful ghost of her cousin Sophia, who is out to harm her sickly brother James I have a few problems with the story First, once Florence arrives she seems to go for days wearing the same old dress from the orphanage Now, seeing that she only brought one small bag with her, and being a kindly man, surely the uncle would have arranged for her to have some new clothes soon after her arrival But I do realize that the incident with Sophia s blue silk dress needed Florence to be wearing her old dress, or to have no nice clothes of her own Second, if Spratt s little charm above James door kept Sophia s ghost out of his room, why did it not occur to Florence to ask Spratt to make her one Or why did it not occur to Spratt to give her one I also didn t understand why Sophie appeared to Florence as though half mouldering, when by all accounts I ve read most ghosts look like and wear clothing that they wore in life I also didn t care for the ending, which of course implies th...

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