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➷ Flash Foresight Free ➭ Author Daniel Burrus – E17streets4all.co.uk Flash Foresight offers seven radical principles you need to transform your business today From internationally renowned technology forecaster Daniel Burrus a leading consultant to Google Proctor Gambl Flash Foresight offers seven radical principles you need to transform your business today From internationally renowned technology forecaster Daniel Burrus a leading consultant to Google Proctor Gamble IBM and many other Fortune firms with John David Mann co author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Go Giver comes this systematic easy to implement method for identifying new business opportunities and solving difficult problems in the twenty first century marketplace.Flash Foresight

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends and innovation The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speakerHe is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune companies helping them to develop game changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovat.

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  • 21 March 2015
  • 9780061922299

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    This was an excellent book about how to take advantage of the pockets of certainty that we have regarding the future Burrus does a great job of pointing out different trends that are sure to continue into the future such as increased mobility bandwidth and convergence of features that used to be standalone products into a single product to use as a way of predicting where the future will leadProbably the best takeaway from this book that I had was to remember that when it comes to planning for the future it's important to factor in the fact that the world in the future will not be the same as the world where you start designing a product business or whatever The future is a moving target so if you don't factor change into your plans you'll probably be obsolete before you even get to the market

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    This is one of those books where I was Is this complete bull or is this really insightful?A little bit of bothOut of his seven radical principles 4 of them seemed bogusAnticipateTransformRedefineDirectWell duh OF COURSE one should try to anticipate the future and take appropriate actionNot exactly a sizzling insight Mr Futurist I guess every single book has to have SEVEN principles no matter whatBut the remaining 3 were kind of interesting1 Start with certainty Look at what the hard trends are These are things that we know with certainty or very strongly believe are going to happen Examples are1 Computer processors will get faster2 Computer memory will get cheaper3 Network bandwidth will increase4 The baby boomers will retireThey are based on currently existing factseg Baby Boomers or technological or scientific progressSoft trends may or may not continue Examples1 Rap will remain a very popular genre in 20 years2 Gas will continue to be the same price in 30 years3 Apple Google and Facebook will continue to be just as dominant in 10 yearsThese MIGHT happen but they also might notSo look at those things that you know are DEFINITELY going to happen and see what you can do about them2 Take your biggest problem and skip itThis is simply the idea that sometimes we obsess over solving a particular challenge but we lose sight of the bigger pictureLet's say you are about to get fired from your job You're worried and are trying to do everything to get on your boss' good side But maybe you should step back and think what is my real problem? My real problem is that I need enough income to pay rent and buy necessities and save a little bit for retirement Maybe I can solve this problem in a different way3 Go oppositeIf everyone else is focused on doing one thing maybe there is an opportunity in doing the complete opposite? For example if all the firms in your sector are focused on being the lowest cost provider maybe your company can be the premium uality provider?Or if all the guys at the party are competing with each other to impress girls by being flashy and obnoxious maybe you'll play up that you are a cool and chill thoughtful guy who is NOT a bro?Basically trying to look where others are not lookingSo it does have some interesting ideas and food for thought but it definitely feels padded out

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    I skimmed large parts of this book as a result of it being somewhat uninteresting and zeroed in on parts that I found uniueMuch of the wisdom this book offers seems patently obvious but then again how often do we forget the things that are painfully obvious and continue to make the same mistakes? There are numerous decently analyzed case studies a small number of which the author played a direct role in; these are nice but I found they only loosely illustrated the concepts that Burrus elaborated upon I was also skeptical because Burrus is an industry consultant as opposed to an operator and while that makes him a good generalist it doesn't necessarily make him good at strategizing albeit not being a book about strategy There were several interesting concepts I enjoyed exploring including Hard trends which are things that are certain to happen eg aging demographics The eight types of technological advancement dematerialization virtualization mobility product intelligence networking interactivity globalization convergence Skipping your biggest problem eg your problem is not that you can't afford to go to college but rather that you lack the skills to get the job you desireThat said it presents a good starting point for thinking about ideas and I would recommend it

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    Excellent approach to business building The six or seven main pillars are given too many examples but if you just keep reviewing the essences anticipatetransformreinventgo oppositeetc you'll manage your own business with intelligence and foresight ;

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    One of the most interesting books ive ever read about how to look at and even conceptually predict the future A great example is that we all know re activeness and pro activeness but then Daniel teaches you pre activeness a way to foresee the future based on analyzing and anticipating hardsoft trends Very inspiring

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    Not often you pick up one of these books and get your idea and motivation This one did it for me

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    The world does not come with crystal balls This book will help you get the feel for how to see what is on the horizon before it is on the horizon

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    It gives a structure for u think whenever ur facing a problem hat reuires a disruptive solution

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    Flash Foresight How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible by Daniel Burrus and John David Mann was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2011THE SOUNDVIEW REVIEWAttempting to see into the future of business is a bit like interpreting the uatrains of the 16th century “seer” Nostradamus The predictions are often varied and can be interpreted or misinterpreted in numerous ways In Flash Foresight How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible strategic adviser Daniel Burrus attempts to provide executives with a better method to provide a clearer picture of your company’s future Flash Foresight provides what Burrus describes as “Seven radical principles that will transform your business”The interesting aspect for executives who pick up a copy of Flash Foresight lies in Burrus’ labeling of his seven principles as “radical” When executives scan the list in the table of contents they will see phrases such as “Start with Certainty” “Anticipate” and “Redefine and Reinvent” While these principles don’t immediately strike a reader as radical delving into Burrus’ work unearths surprising insights about strategy and directing one’s businessThis is typified by the principle “Start with Certainty” Executives are aware of the importance of planning and they likely spend a good portion of their time plotting a company’s course of action Burrus turns the notion on its head by helping executives stop wasting time by attempting to discern what may happen and fixating instead on hard trends those aspects of a business cycle for which a business can prepare Burrus is a strong writer who puts a tremendous amount of intensity into supporting his ideasSoundview's 8 page Executive Book Summary of Flash Foresight is available here

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    Predict the future with confidence You can according to Daniel Burrus and you won’t need a crystal ball or tarot cards With a little training you’ll be able to identify the “hard trends” that will shape your industry At the same time you’ll unearth the opportunities of the futureIn Flash Foresight How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible Burrus provides the reader with what he dubs as seven “radical principles” that conjure up the flash foresights of the future He developed this list of principles or triggers through years of strategic consulting for Fortune 500 companies particularly in the realm of technological innovationWith an engaging style and an arsenal of anecdotes from his own personal experiences Burrus guides the reader through each of these principles A cursory look may leave the casual reader unimpressed A thorough and thoughtful examination won’t Burrus repeatedly shows the all too human tendency to make the same mistakes in business and in life reacting rather than preparing for the inevitable The simplicity of his presentation is also its geniusThe single biggest drawback of this book is an occasional whiff of arrogance Like many business writers Burrus establishes credibility through personal stories For the most part these stories are an asset Unfortunately there are times when the anecdotes become tiresome simply because he elaborates so profusely on his knack for predicting the futureBurrus is convincing in his argument that no one can afford to be unskilled in anticipating the trends of tomorrow “In the past flash foresight was useful” he writes in his introduction “Today as the pace of technological change accelerates beyond the point of comprehension it’s essential” Flash Foresight written by Daniel Burrus with John David Mann is a Harper Business book published in 2011Copyright © 2011 Little Frog Publishing All rights reserved

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