Farewell Is The Story Of What Ronald Reagan Called One Of The Biggest Espionage Cases Of The Century Farewell, Became The Code Name Of Vladimir Ippolitovitch Vetrov, A KGB Spy Turned Double Agent When He Accepted Work For The DST, The French Counter Insurgency Agency This Is The Story Of His Life As A Spy, And The Complex Series Of Events That Led Him To Murder.Farewell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Farewell book, this is one of the most wanted Sergei Kostin author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 446 pages
  • Farewell
  • Sergei Kostin
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9781611090260

10 thoughts on “Farewell

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    interesting story overwritten with too much detail and a clunky translation abandoned probably 2 5 of the way through.

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    15 aug 16, 1st from kostin for me read a number of spy stories long ago, many of them based on true events, or tellings of true events, the man who never was, the house on garibaldi street, two that i remember though it has been 30 years, maybe even 40 cue the soundtrack golden yearsgold old old, wa wa wa. onward and upward18 aug 16, finished great story never heard of the man until t...

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    The book didn t start off promising It started in fact with a foreword written by Richard V Allen This name meant nothing to me, but when I approach books outside of my usual stalking grounds this tends to be the case It turns out the man was Reagan s National Security Advisor Cool He had first hand experience to what occurred and seems logical enough given how he occupied the same strand of relevance that the book is set to handle I don t know Mr Allen I like to think, however, I know a little bit about forewords It seems to me entirely off base to spend what should be engaging the text we are about to read rather than fellating your former employer We get it You liked Reagan I m so very proud of you What about the man on the cover Maybe tell us how his work aided or affected you in specifically, or your reaction when you first heard Oh, he allowed Reagan to single handedly dismantle an oppressive Soviet Regime while coyly mocking those obnoxious d tente loving liberals How fascinating The French helped too O...

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    It takes a special sort of skill to make a story about spies and espionage and secret agents and the KGB a dull and tedious trudge But that s exactly what the author has done here in spite of his interesting subject matter and his painstaking and meticulous research every last bit of which he includes in his narrative I found this book really hard to wade through I kept with it as Russia is my subject and I wanted to learn about this double agent but I could only manage it in small doses Vladimir Vetrov was recruited early in his career by the KGB and after postings to France and Canada he returned to Moscow as an analyst For reasons that are a little hard to understand, in spite of the author s attempts to do so, he becomes a double agent working for the French intelligence service under the code name Farewell The book is repetitive, concentrates too much and too often on extraneous detail, and the translation is shaky at best and clunky at worst A thorough edit would have helped, and a concise account would have retained some of the suspense and tension that must have been part of the original events Even Vetrov s execution felt strangely tepid And I hated the frequent use of imagined conversations, feelings and motives, about which the author could not have known Examples from near the en...

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    It s surprising that a story this inherently thrilling can have so much of its reading pleasure so effectively expunged in this retelling I respect the authors scholarly approach to examining Vladimir Vetrov s life, actions, and motivations from every angle, as well as considering the veracity of every source However, they should have also considered the reader s experience when creating this work For examples of authors who can effectively balance intellectually rigorous subject matter with an enjoyable reading experience, I would suggest the works of Jon Krakauer or Richard Rhodes As mentioned by others, the translation is serviceable, but noticeably inadequate in many places.One portion of this book I found very interesting and challenging is the authors reflection on Vetrov s impact on the conclusion of the cold war The authors propose that President Ronald Reagan wa...

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    It was quite ironic to finish this book on the metro in Kyiv, Ukraine Reading about Vetrov while living in the former USSR brought an incredible dimension to the story Vetrov was a mole in the KGB, who began sharing intel with the French, when Reagan became President Many believe he hastened the end of the Cold War, because of the incredible amount of secrets...

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    I overall enjoyed this book, but had one principle frustration with it the continuous foreshadowing Almost from the first chapter we are told rather, significantly hinted at that Vetrov will be caught and executed As such, some of the storytelling factor of this true story is kind of moot ss already know it is going to happen Other books, such as The Main Enemy The Inside Story of the CIA s Final Showdown with the KGB and Rawhide Down The Near Assassination of Ronald Reagan don t give away what will happen Even though in both cases, we know the general outcome of history As such, they are much thrilling and interesting narratives.Where this book did excel and was most interesting was in two areas The first was in providing a fair and balanced look at the entire Vetrov saga Given that Vetrov is dead, it is impossible to know many of the details of his life, such as his rationale for defection, or even exactly when it occurred Other things, like his reasons for attempting to kill his mistress, are also presented from multiple angles an...

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    Short Review Farewell was a Russian KGB agent that leaked thousands of pages of secret documents to the French Arguably this leaked information and its use by Reagan and his security team did to bring down the Soviet Union than any other single action The documents opened up the full extent of USSR s espionage and technical secrets This allow the US to feed the USSR false research leads and force them into an arms race that the USSR could not afford The book is very detailed and not incredibly wel...

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    this book was amazing the story itself is incredible for any spy novel fans, you will be blown away by the ordinariness of this operation that was a key jenga piece in bringing down the soviet union the book is written in a very interesting way and the authors co...

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    Sorry Pretty much a yawner I was hoping for some sense of the thrill of the thing, but the writing style ensured that wasn t going to happen Read if you really, really like spy stories otherwise , hit up Wikipedia and save yourself the trouble.

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