Rapture in Death

Alternate Cover For ISBN 978 0 425 15518 9 They Died With Smiles On Their Faces.Three Apparent Suicides A Brilliant Engineer, An Infamous Lawyer, And A Controversial Politician Three Strangers With Nothing In Common And No Obvious Reason For Killing Themselves Lieutenant Eve Dallas Found The Deaths Suspicious And Her Instincts Paid Off When Autopsies Revealed Small Burns On The Brains Of The Victims Was It A Genetic Abnormality Or A High Tech Method Of Murder Eve S Investigation Turned To The Provocative World Of Virtual Reality Games Where The Same Techniques Used To Create Joy And Desire Could Also Prompt The Mind To Become The Weapon Of It S Own DestructionRapture in Death

Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas, a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy, readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Leverage in Death, on sale September 2018, is the 47th entry in the series.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Rapture in Death
  • J.D. Robb
  • English
  • 10 February 2018

10 thoughts on “Rapture in Death

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    4 Eve n Roarke StarsI just fucking love these two.That s all there is to it.

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    AMAZING 3Normally I m not very much into Mystery Crime books and when I first discovered this series I thought, HOLY SHIT there are than 40 books in series Am I ready for this or should I say Am I crazy to start to read them How will I finish them UGH But then I jumped right into the 1st book and BOOM After I finish that book I thought WOW What a fucking amazing story is this I absolutely loved the 1st book Eve and Roarke really, really turned my world upside down Their chemistry, their inside jokes are so, so freaking good After the 1st book they became one of my favorite couples and this amazing series became one of my favorites too and I m planning to finish this series in 2018 Wish me luck please DAnd if you re still thinking whether you should start this series or not Please just read this part I know it s very long but trust me it will worth your time and let Roarke make you swoon I have something for you She eyed the velvet box with suspicion You don t have to get me presents You know I don t want you to Yes It makes you uncomfortable and uneasy He grinned Perhaps that s why I do it He sat beside her on the floor, handed her the box Open it She imagined it would be j...

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    3.5 stars This is the fourth book in the series, and now I only have 44 books to go Good thing Eve is interesting and Roarke is kind of hot Well, except in this book he does unwillingly do one absolutely terrible thing major spoiler view spoiler he marital rapes his wife while he is under the unknowing influence of some brain wave controller thing Only this book was published in 1996 so OF COURSE Eve is quick to immediately reassure him that he didn t rape her Bu...

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    I m sorry It s hard for me I do love you, she said quietly Sometimes it scares me because you re the first And the only He held her there until he was sure he could speak, then eased her back, looked into her eyes You ve changed my life Become my life He touched his lips to hers, let the kiss deepen slowly, silkily I need you I fucking love Roarke She raised her eyes to his They had both come from misery, she thought, and survived it They had been drawn together through violence and tragedy, and had overcome it They walked different paths and had found a mutual route.Some things last, she thought Some ordinary things Like love He linked his fingers with hers And because he had used it when he d hurt her, he balanced that out by using it now A ghra Huh A line appeared between her brows Is that Gaelic again Yes He brought ...

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    I m bummed I don t have the time to do a proper review but just know that the love continues This one was a good as the last I love Roarke.

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    5 starsAnother flawless read by J.D.Robb aka Nora Roberts The writing is superb, the world is perfection though I tend to think of it as an alternate reality instead of in the future and the characters are amazing Literally kicking myself for not pi...

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    Suspense 5 stars Romance 3 starsI probably sound like a broken record, but the sharp brilliant mind of Eve author impresses and excites me I m in love with Eve s mind Nora Roberts s true fan forever Mystery and crime in this instalment was captivating behavioural pattern, stimulating of human brain incredible deep and clever written I m addicted.I made a joke in my 1st review how many books this series has, now I mourn in advance that there could never be enough.The romance As a minority in my non sympathy for Roarke, I mentioned some things that bothered me Not that I feel a need to explain myself and it s a bit uncomfortable to complain about this author s work but I have my opinion and I always add safety romance details to all my reviews, I owe it to my dearest friends.I read 4 books and I met 3 ex lovers of Roarke I m not a Victorian virgin or and prude and I m totally fine that the man had his past Common, no one demands from a single good looking powerful man to live like a monk...

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    I loved it, I loved it, I loved it I was afraid that the romance of the series would slow down now that Eve and Roarke are permanent, but that was sooooooo not the case If anything, there was an extra dynamic between them that was almost missing before I suppose it mirrors real life in a way Marriage is only the beginning of a crazy ass ride There are higher highs and lower lows than you even knew existed I m sorry It s Hard for me I do love you, she said quietly Sometimes it scares me because you re the first And the only He held her there until he was sure he could speak, then eased her back, looked into her eyes You ve chaged my life Become my life He touched his lips to hers, let the kiss deepen slowly, silkily I need you To be honest, the suspenseful part of the In Death books til now is such a background part of each story I m ...

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    Another set of murders in future world not Australia This time it is in the form of people committing suicide after using a virtual reality program Eve is on the case, so that means she will totally harass and chase down the wrong person for a while and then somehow get lucky and find the right one usually after they try to kill her and confess their evil plans first Still, I like these books I...

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