La fiesta del Chivo

Em A Festa Do Chibo , Mario Vargas Llosa Recupera Uma Tradi O Na Literatura Latino Americana, A Do Romance Sobre Ditadores, E Retratando A Ditadura De Trujillo, Na Rep Blica Dominicana, Recupera Tamb M A For A Das Suas Melhores Obras O Ineg Vel Talento Do Autor Para Manejar Conflitos, Criar Tens Es, Descrever Situa Es, Revelar As Raz Es Humanas Que Se Ocultam Por Detr S Dos Factos Hist Ricos, Para Poder Criar Personagens Que Inspiram Repugn Ncia E Compaix O, Resulta Num Romance Magistral E Surpreendente.La fiesta del Chivo

Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Peru in 1936, is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House, about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt The Feast of the Goat, a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo s insidiou

[Epub] La fiesta del Chivo By Mario Vargas Llosa –
  • Paperback
  • 506 pages
  • La fiesta del Chivo
  • Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Portuguese
  • 19 August 2019

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    The Irish Independant did not exaggerate on the back cover when they say this book makes for page turning reading that entertains, educates, and horrifies in almost equal parts The story of the Trujillo regime and the chaos surrounding his assassination is told by Urania, daughter of one of his intimates who was disgraced shortly before the fatal evening, the Generalissimo himself with his failing prostate , and several of the conspirators as they wait on a lonely road for his Chevy to appear to ambush him I found the writing incredible, the pace breathtaking, and the violence absolutely terrifying Having read and reviewed here on GR Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz earlier this year, I knew sort of what to expect, but this book surprised me at nearly every turn It is no wonder that Mario Vargas Llosa got a Nobel This is a work of pure genius and one that will be nearly impossible to forget I really liked the protagonist Urania and how her arc in constructed The failure of the US to act in the Caribbean to prevent atrocities like the 30 years of Trujillo and the brutal aftermath that followed the vacuum he left behind because of anti Castro politics is appalling and made me feel ashamed This also reminded me of my favorite read this year, A Brief History of Seven Killings where the CIA actively supported the violence in Jamaica again because of paranoia about Cuba and the failure of the Bay of Pigs operation The massacre genocidal in every way is as chilling in Vargas Llosa as it was in Diaz s book Makes me wonder if anyone wrote a book about the Haitian side of a that story and of the excesses of the Duvaliers and their terrifying TonTon Macoute who made a small, brutal appearance in Goat I was in Ha ti for two weeks in 1985 and the memories of the misery on every corner, the smell of burning charcoal, the calls of the Cooligan Man, and the hidden terror of the TonTon Macoute still occasionally return in my nightmares The narration of the book is perfect always a section with Urania, followed by one of Trujillo and his circle plus his Quo Vadis obsession and one of the conspiracy to assassinate him It makes for fast paced and exciting reading.Highly, highly recommended reading.

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    La Fiesta del Chivo The Feast of The Goat, Mario Vargos LlosaThe Feast of the Goat Spanish La fiesta del chivo, 2000 is a novel by the Peruvian Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa The book is set in the Dominican Republic and portrays the assassination of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, and its aftermath, from two distinct standpoints a generation apart during and immediately after the assassination itself, in May 1961 and thirty five years later, in 1996 Throughout, there is also extensive reflection on the heyday of the dictatorship, in the 1950s, and its significance for the island and its inhabitants 2002 1381 623 964405203 20 1381 586 9643411745

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    Four men will end three decades of dictatorship of the Generalissimo of the Dominican Republic Thirty five years later, a woman came from America to call August n Cabral, his father, who became bedridden, a former associate to the Supreme Head.Despite his physical decline, the one who will fall under the bullets of his former victims, Rafael Le nidas Trujillo, still keeps his entourage and the country A country, which he and his family have a great deal of wealth, a country still living in fear of arbitrary arrests, torture and summary executions At the time of his death, the one who stole the childhood of Augustin Cabral s daughter is not afraid He is convinced that he made the greatness of Santo Domingo.The Feast of the Goat or the portrait of a dictatorship masterfully painted by Mario Vargas Llosa.

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    One Flawless Masterpiece As a reader you cannot ask for This dense and complex novel about the Trujillo Era in the D.R., like the best novels, from Gone with the Wind to The Human Stain, explains not only the steps leading to a total devastation, but, braver still, its equally about the eventual aftermath The Feast of the Goat is unputdownable, remarkable A sturdy and sure classic Read THIS Not much can be said, without sounding as though I am somehow WORTHY of even critiquing this

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    A political and historical novel of Rafael Trujillo, dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930 1961 This novel is a factually correct version of the events focused around his assassination in 1961 when Trujillo was 70 years old We see the life of this brutal and sadistic man who also loved his country and was politically brilliant, hard working and fastidious He sent his cronies on overseas missions so he could visit their wives who could dare not refuse his attentions Trujillo was charismatic with a piercing gaze and high pitched voice does that remind us of another brutal dictator in Europe We see the story from multiple perspectives Trujillo s own on a daily basis that of his inner circle of cronies who ran the country, and from the perspectives of the half dozen or so assassins as they lie in wait reminiscing on their personal stories about what led them to want to kill this man, nicknamed The Goat But most of the story is that of a 50 ish Dominican woman, daughter of one of those in the dictator s inner circle, who returns to the Dominican Republic on the spur of the moment She has been absent for 35 years as a New York lawyer She returns to confront her comatose father and aging relatives and to reveal a Horrible Secret to them that explains her 35 year absence Bookforum called this one of the finest political novels ever written and I agree.

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    Render unto God what is God s and unto Caesar what is Caesar s.But what if Caesar thought he was God Well then, I guess he d want it all.And so goes the story of Rafael Trujillo, power hungry dictator of the Dominican Republic for a period of thirty years until his brutal assassination in 1961 Feast of the Goat tells the story of Trujillo s reign using a blend of fact and fiction, centered on the fateful day that would end an era Varied narratives blend together seemlessly to give us a portrait of three decades of corruption, violence and terror Chapters switch between the present day, when Urania Cabral returns to the Dominican Republic after thirty years of exile to visit her dying father who had at one time been one of Trujillo s most trusted allies Sitting at her father s deathbed, she remembers the horror of Trujillo s rule In alternating chapters, the story is told through memories of the men who banded together to take down The Goat, as well as through the voice of The Goat himself on the day of his assassination Vargas Llosa also allows the reader to peek into the mind of the Generalissimo himself Through the inner thoughts of Trujillo, now seventy years old, incontinent, impotent, yet still revered and feared, we learn how devious and evil the man truly was.Captivating, intense and gruesome, this novel will keep your attention throughout and haunt you long after you ve finished its final pages.

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    Mr Llosa can write I won t dispute that But this is not a good novel for me for the following reasons 1 The author has bitten off far than he can chew in a mere 400 pages The scope of the book is vast and too much feels rushed He might have narrowed his scope, but alas he wants it all Because of the enormous narrative breadth, this reader never got the level of satisfaction in the area of character development that he would have liked there are so many characters and after a while they all seem to blur 2 There is a rushed, headlong quality to the book, probably this is intentional but I do not like it 3 I find the levels of Catholic motivation to be too much probably for a Latin American reader these levels are just right For these and other reasons I did not finish the book and give it two stars.The book breaks into three stories 1 that of Urania Cabral, set in the present day, when she returns to a now democratized Dominican Republic years after Trujillo s assassination to confront torment her father who was a senator read crony under the Benefactor 2 that of Trujillo himself in the weeks before his assassination and 3 that of the group of men, mostly young men, who will kill him.The story Urania tells to her incapacitated father, who is now in a wheelchair, is most unsettling Urania is visiting from New York City where she now lives She has done extensive reading on the subject, now knows much about those dark mysterious years of her youth For example, how Trujillo, habitually cuckolded his ministers Urania spares her mute father none of it She is so cruel Dictator Trujillo is a megalomaniac on the model of Stalin He terrorized his own people for 31 years In October 1937 he ordered the slaughter of about 20,000 Haitians in what came to be known as the Parsley Massacre Typically, the US backed him as a bulwark against Communism Now where have we seen that pattern before Chile, Iran, Vietnam, Cuba, and Korea spring to mind, to mention a few Trujillo s a compulsive neat freak who seeks through personal cleanliness and punctilio a semblance of the moral standing he can never command We first come across him undergoing his daily toilette with great care Trujillo s story begins in 1961 some 16 months after a Pastoral Letter has been sent by the Vatican to the Catholic community in the Dominican Republic Since then the Church has, Trujillo feels, harassed him from the pulpit for his flagrant human rights violations and turned the people against him The two Catholic leaders responsible for this he imagines feeding alive to sharks, as he has so many other opponents The assassins s storyline is set on May 30, 1961, as they await the Generalissimo s car on a stretch of road There are 4 of them in the car and as they wait there are flashbacks outlining the motivations of each This is tedious In some ways The Feast of the Goat is a counterpart novel to Graham Greene s The Comedians That excellent book set in Haiti on the other side of Hispaniola in the 1960s when the corrupt Duvaliers were in power is a model of narrative pacing and economy.

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    One thing I learned from The Feast of the Goat is that short memory is a universal characteristic of people of all times Dictators turn from tyrants to saviors in no time and villains become heroes when the new political situation demands it People simply accept the regimes like they accept the changes of the weather, with the only difference being the fact that, many times, they re under the illusion that they had the choice Which I guess they had but not in the way they think they had it Disillusionment is a bitch and has to be avoided, as it seems.Another thing I learned is that in order to finally beat a dictator, you have to have him stand naked in front of the crowd However, to be able to do such a thing, first you have to see him naked yourself, which means you have to see all of him Accusing is easy Seeing and understanding every side of a detestable person is what is hard and that s exactly what Llosa does here I felt uncomfortable when I saw Trujillo standing naked in front of me I felt uncomfortable when I felt sorry for him I felt uncomfortable when I disliked the victim for being a victim her whole life and I felt uncomfortable when an ocean of excuses finally ran dry What it always comes down to is personal responsibility and that s where the majority of people seem to fail, and no dictator, no matter how bad, can take the blame for that.Five stars Simple as that.

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    Excruciatingly bitter, agonizingly poignant in its prose and plot and message, painful to read, absolutely brilliant The Feast of the Goat is for sure one of the best books I have ever read.

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    This book tells us the story of Rafael Trujillo, who ruled Dominican Republic for 30 years It tells us about the rise and fall of the man was brutal, power hungry, cruel, and would stop at nothing to remain in power He was assassinated in 1961.Story is told by Rafael himself Urania, daughter of very influential political figure, and the assassins Author has merged all these PoV beautifully With a right mix of reality and fiction we get to see the insecurities that Trujillo felt in his last few days, Urania telling us how unsafe girls were in Trujillo regime, and last but certainly not least how the assassins few of whom were devout Trujilloists initially made up their mind to kill the man who was no less than a God in the country and what happened to them after the assassination.Author has told us in explicit details about the torture that the assassins went through once they were caught It was very repulsive and gut wrenching I had to take few days off just to digest what I had read before coming back to it.This book is a prime example of how dirty politics can be Murder, rape, crime against minorities, fathers whoring out their own daughters to climb up the political ladders or just so that they can be in good graces of General It is full of sadistic people who get a satisfaction by hurting others.

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