Unearthly Asylum

Download Unearthly Asylum P.J Bracegirdle Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Joy Wells Is Fascinated By The Strange Noises Coming From The Old Spooking Asylum She Knows All About The Famous Legends That Surround The Place, And Is Certain That She Is Hearing The Guns Of Long Dead Soldiers But What If Something Contemporary And Truly Ghastly Is Going On When Joy S Pet Frog, Fizz, Gets Away, Joy Travels Through The Town S Old Sewers Looking For Him, Only To Emerge Above Ground Inside The Locked Gates Of The Asylum There, She Uncovers A Trail Of Greed And Madness Guaranteed To Thrill Her Horror Loving HeartUnearthly Asylum

Born in Montreal, P J Bracegirdle has done everything from keeping the stage door of a haunted old Scottish theater to pushing laundry carts along dark tunnels under an insane asylum His last job involved pretending to write thick manuals nobody really read for products few people ever used Becoming an author was my life s work, says PJB, if, that is, a life s work can consist of staring off

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Unearthly Asylum
  • P.J. Bracegirdle
  • English
  • 09 August 2018
  • 9781416934196

10 thoughts on “Unearthly Asylum

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    I have fallen completely in love with this series Joy Wells is exactly the kind of main character I adore Quirky, smart, dark and brooding, but not angsty for no reason She loves her little brother, her whole family, her house in the tiny, misunderstood town of Spooking Each book has some mystery, adventure, humor, and a bit of gruesome The characters are unique and original The pacing is just right, with great writing although, in this book the author did overuse a particular sentence structure ...

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    Joy 2 funnier, scarier, and harder to put down Reading Unearthly Asylum, the second book in Bracegirdle s Joy of Spooking trilogy is a bit like watching The Return of the Jedi, in terms of that surprising jolt you get of wait, is this act...

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    It was good But was very hard to get through l liked the people and it is very creepy if you like ghosts you will like it I like how it is between two points of view but I think they should shorten it I for 10

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    This is the sequel that felt like a chore to get through It s not the book, it s me I m not the type to read kid lit.The book felt a little bit slow paced and took maybe the last sixty pages to finally get to the climax I get that you need to build up to it.Maybe it s me and I shouldn t be reading kid lit.I can t tell if I like the book or not After I finished reading it, I just felt eh no that was awesome thoughts No rushing to read the last and finale book.I blame Zac Efron for singing, I want my own dream, so bad I m going to scream in my ear, because yeah I blame the fact that watching the Scream music video on High School Musical 3 was entertaining then the book at t...

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    Unearthly Asylum, the second book in the Joy of Spooking series, is even better than the first volume In this latest paranormal adventure, Joy s beloved pet bullfrog, Fizz, has become trapped in Spooking s mental asylum and must be saved from impend...

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    None of the descriptions quite convey the essence of these stories, which is sinister, mysterious and fun all at once They re probably marketed as Middle Grade, but they re just the sort of books I loved back...

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    A fantastic fun spooky read I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

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    I just found out that there are only 3 books in this series, that makes me sad I wish it would go on forever, I love these books

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    A charming, spooky series Joy and Byron Wells are my favorite siblings in children s literature since The Baudelaires.

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    loved it like the first one just great storytelling for any age

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