The Dark Chamber

The Dark Chamber Read Author Leonard Cline Originally Published In August 1927 While Its Author Was Bound Over In Jail Awaiting Trial, The Dark Chamber Has Achieved A Legendary Status Among Fans Of Weird Fiction Leonard Cline S Third Novel, It Is Remembered Today Thanks To H P Lovecraft, Who Called It Extremely High In Artistic Stature The Novel Has Been Called A Precursor To Paddy Chayefsky S Book Altered States, For It Tells The Tale Of A Man, Richard Pride, Who, In Attempting To Recall The Lost Moments Of His Life, Resorts To Stimulation By Means Of Music, Smells, And Drugs, Until He Taps Into Hereditary Memory, Into The Dark Chamber Of His Mind This Edition Also Reprints As An Afterword A Rare Essay By Cline, Logodaedaly, And Includes An Introduction By Douglas A Anderson That Discusses The Novel S Acclaim And Influence Among H P Lovecraft S Circle Of Friends.The Dark Chamber

Leonard Lanson Cline was an American novelist, poet, short story writer, and journalist His writings were published in a variety of magazines he New Republic, The American Mercury, The Smart Set, The Nation and Scribner s Magazine His journalist work was published in the Balti Sun, The New York World, The Chicago Daily News, The New York Herald Tribune, and St Louis Post Dispatch In 1927,

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    Here s the 1969 Popular Library mass market I m reading 189 pages Love the creepily evocative, 60s gothic romance y vibe Only instead of having the requisite gowned and candle laden woman running away from the evil, she s heading toward it One of my favorite vintage covers.

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    The Dark Chamber is told from the perspective of Oscar Fitzalan, who has come to a house called Mordance Hall The book was written in the 1920s, so I m assuming that s when it was set Oscar has accepted a somewhat mysterious position where he is to assist the master of the house, a Richard Pride, who is working on some sort of strange psychological experiment involving human memory also at the house is Miriam Price, Richard s wife, his daughter Janet, and a strange man who is Price s secretary, Wilfred Hough.Price s experiment began with an exploration of combing his own memories his theory was that the older a person became, the memories he could recall As he began to journal his memories, he hired an investigator to seek out the truth of his remembrances, and each time, the investigator proved Price s memories right Now he has embarked on another quest, having gone as far back in his own life s memories as possible he is investigating what he calls ancestral memory, and his research will have some startling conclusions His obsession with memory and his past most likely stems from his pathetic life in the present his wife is whacko, his daughter is a stranger to him, and it is into this milieu that Oscar comes and finds himself becoming obsessed with figuring out what the heck is going on.A very strong story considering it was written in the 1920s, it is still amazingly clear and frightening in a psychological sort of way in the present Recommended for readers of hor...

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    A narrative full of contrasts that leaves no memories behind.The anachronistic language clashes splendidly in my opinion with the story but only benefits the reading exercise up to a certain point.None of the characters are fully developed They all seem ghosts in search of a soul that would define them Bored, ridiculous and simplistic in their behaviour, they seem to live hundreds of ye...

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    A family full of secrets, all suspicious of each other Love triangles, reminded me of Wuthering Heights Would have enjoyed it if the story would have dwelled on Richard Pride s dark chamber experiments but I understand why it didn t.

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    Leonard Cline was a really superb writer It s a shame he didn t live to write masterpieces like this.

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