Scrappy Business Contingency Planning

In Simple Terms, Business Contingency Planning BCP Is The Art Of Preparing An Enterprise For Bad Things The Bottom Line Is That You Are Trying To Enable Your Organization To Withstand An Unlikely, Though Not Unexpected, Event But A Good Business Contingency Plan Should Help You Weather Even An Unexpected Event, That Is, Something That Can T Happen Here Developing A Business Contingency Program From Scratch Is Not A Quick Hit Effort It Is A Major Undertaking Scrappy Business Contingency Planning Provides A Blueprint For The Creation Of A Business Contingency Program From The Ground Up.A Solid Contingency Planning Program Has Become A Necessity, Rather Than A Nicety, In Today S Business World Although There Are Several Very Good Professional Resources Available For Professional Planners, Most Don T Teach You The Tricks Of The Trade I Worked Side By Side With A Clever And Creative Mentor, Who Taught Me Many Of These Tricks I Want To Pass Them On.This Book Provides A Blueprint For The Creation Of A Business Contingency Program From The Ground Up After Reading This Book, A Corporation Without A Business Contingency Plan Should Understand The Scope Of Their Effort To Create One A New Contingency Planner Will Find This Book A Refreshing How To Guide Even A Seasoned BCP Professional Will Walk Away With A Tip Or Two, And A New Perspective On Some Of The Issues Facing Planers.Scrappy Business Contingency Planning

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!!> Ebook ➧ Scrappy Business Contingency Planning  ➨ Author Michael  Seese –
  • Paperback
  • 170 pages
  • Scrappy Business Contingency Planning
  • Michael Seese
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9781600051500

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